Forging a new type of relationship with employed physicians, agency physicians, and staff physicians to enhance patient safety, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce costs associated with professional liability programs.

As healthcare systems make strategic changes to compete more effectively under the Affordable Care Act, hospital-physician alignment is expected to increase, with more physicians becoming employed or affiliated with healthcare systems.  To manage these new exposures, healthcare systems are looking to insurance carriers for sustainable risk financing solutions that integrate physicians into their professional liability program


BerkleyMed’s physician integration solutions give healthcare systems several flexible, yet unified, ways to streamline coverage options with all of their physician partners.  This program helps to mitigate, or eliminate, the inherent conflicts and cost-shifting associated with commercial physician liability carriers when a claim involves multiple defendants associated with or employed by the healthcare system.  The result: lower defense and indemnity payments associated with the resolution of professional liability claims involving multiple, affiliated insureds.

The program provides a seamless approach for transitioning newly hired and staff physicians into one insurance program that is managed by the healthcare organization.  Newly employed physician participants are afforded standard industry protection (or better) supplemented by a comprehensive adjudication philosophy that benefits all parties, which can financially reward the healthcare system with anticipated superior claims experience.



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